Gail was a contact of FBI Special Agent Dana Scully, who called her in 1993.

Gail spoke to Scully shortly after Agent Scully and her FBI partner, Fox Mulder, were confronted by several Men in Black, who had approached the agents in two automobiles before stopping the agents in their own car (while Mulder and Scully were driving along a highway) and removed evidence from their vehicle.

Gail informed Scully, however, that no plate was registered by the number of one of the cars that the mysterious men had driven – specifically, CC1356. After Scully thanked her, Gail offered to search for a match with the registry of the other car, but Scully declined the suggestion, believing that it would also turn out to be bogus, and then ended their call. (TXF: "Deep Throat")

Gail may have worked for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, herself. The registry that she checks is an in-joke; it contains Chris Carter's initials as well as the day and year of his birth.

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