Glen Morgan is a producer and writer who worked on The X-Files and Millennium. He is credited alongside his writing partner James Wong.


The X-FilesEdit

Episode Credit
Season 1
"Squeeze (with James Wong) Writer
"Shadows" (with James Wong)
"Ice" (with James Wong)
"Beyond the Sea" (with James Wong)
"E.B.E." (with James Wong)
"Tooms" (with James Wong)
Season 2
"Little Green Men" (with James Wong) Writer
"Blood" (teleplay with James Wong)
"3" (with Chris Ruppenthal and James Wong)
"One Breath" (with James Wong)
"Die Hand Die Verletzt" (with James Wong)
Season 4
"Home" (with James Wong) Writer
"The Field Where I Died" (with James Wong)
"Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man"
"Never Again" (with James Wong)
Season 10
"Home Again" Writer/Director
Season 11
"The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat" Executive Producer


Episode Credit
Season 1
"Dead Letters" Writer
"The Thin White Line"
Season 2
"The Beginning & the End" Writer
"The Beginning & the End"
"Beware of the Dog"
"The Curse of Frank Black"
"The Hand of Saint Sebastian"
"The Pest House"
"The Fourth Horseman"
"The Time is Now"

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