Gwen Goodensnake

Gwen Goodensnake (played by Renae Morriseau) was a Trego Native American who lived in the Trego Indian Reservation with her brother, Joseph.

In the early 1990s, she and her brother clashed with Jim and Lyle Parker over the fact that the Parker's cattle were grazing closer and closer to the Reservation. They later filed a lawsuit against Parker.

After her brother was killed by Parker in 1994, Gwen was distraught. Fox Mulder, investigating the killing of Joseph with Dana Scully, came to believe that Gwen could be a manitou, a mythical spirit that could change a human into a beast.

After Joe's body was burnt, Gwen went to the Parker ranch, intending to attack Lyle for attending her brother's funeral. It was there that she saw the manitou kill Jim Parker. She ran and hid in the woods for hours.

She later tried to steal Ish's car, but was stopped by Mulder and Sheriff Charles Tskany, where she told them what she had seen.

Gwen later left the Reservation, giving away all her possessions. With her brother and the Parkers dead, there was nothing to keep her there. It may also have been due to her sighting of the manitou, in Sheriff Tskany's words, "she saw something that she wasn't ready to understand". (TXF: "Shapes")

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