Harold Spuller (played by Steven M. Porter) was inflicted with a form of obsessive-compulsive disorder that was severe enough that he willingly chose to live in a mental institution. His roommate was Chuck Forsch. Forsch and Nurse Innes were aware that Spuller kept a collection of photographs of young women at local colleges. Mulder and Scully met Spullet while investigating the deaths of these women, deaths that were preceded by ghostly images visible to Spuller. Spuller also worked at Angie's Midnight Bowl for Angelo Pintero, where he organized bowling shoes. Spuller was extremely distraught at Pintero's death, which he also foresaw.

Spuller was able to see these harbingers because he, too, was dying. Nurse Innes convinced him that his prescribed medication was poisonous and she was taking them from him. Spuller died shortly after the investigation concluded.

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