Harry Cokely (played by Morgan Woodward and, in flashbacks, by Emanuel Hajek) was a serial killer who terrorized the area of Aubrey, Missouri during the early 1940s. In 1942, FBI Special Agents Samuel Chaney and Tim Ledbetter arrived in Aubrey to investigate the recent rape and murders of Antonia Bradshaw, Kathy Eberhart and Laura Van Cleef. Using odd methods, such as psychology, the agents discovered that the murderer was Cokely but he soon killed them too. In 1945, Cokely was convicted of rape and attempted murder after carving the word "SISTER" in the chest of Linda Thibedeaux and was sent to prison.

In 1995, Detective B.J. Morrow – the granddaughter of Thibedeaux – began to murder people in the same manner as Cokely, due to Cokely's assault many years beforehand. FBI Special Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully questioned Cokely about the murders, but he was now so old and frail that it seemed impossible for him to have committed the murders. Cokely was killed by Morrow. (TXF: "Aubrey")

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