Harsh Realm was a science fiction television series made by 20th Century Fox.

One night in 2000, Bud LaPierre watched a scene from Harsh Realm and quietly exclaimed to himself, "This is great!" Later, while being interviewed by FBI Special Agent Fox Mulder, Mr. Lapierre recalled that he had never before heard of the series, but that it had been good. (TXF: "Sein Und Zeit")

In reality, Harsh Realm was created by Chris Carter's Ten Thirteen Productions, the same company that made The X-Files, Millennium and The Lone Gunmen. The series' main antagonist, General Omar Santiago, was played by Terry O'Quinn. Also, Gillian Anderson (although not credited) and Lance Henriksen had minor roles in the series' pilot episode and Mark Rolston, the actor who played Bud Lapierre, appeared in the series' second episode as a bounty hunter.

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