The Harvester is a servant of a mysterious man with alien traits known only as The Entity.

Description and AbilitiesEdit

The Harvester is a beared Russian, looking like a Russian Orthodox Christian priest. He is taller than most humans and sports a very long beard. An alien artifact rests inside his body, melding him and giving him powers like no other human. The Harvester has many powers like being able to warp to different areas, though he never does this during the boss fight. If someone is foolish enough to move too close to him, he can pull a "Darth Vader" and choke them with telekinetic powers, which is hard to escape when he has you in range. However like most servants of The Entity, he often just brings the dead back to life to do his dirty work.


Mulder and Scully Confront the HarvesterEdit

After Mulder killed off some Purity controlled Katlyn Clones at the Briar Lake Institute, he attempted to take the Alien Artifact, only to have it taken away by strange beings that served The Entity. To take care of Mulder and the newly arrived Scully, The Entity sent a goon known only as the Harvester to kill them. The Harvester revived the dead Katlyn Clones to take the two FBI agents out. Mulder and Scully, however, killed the revived Katlyn Clones as well as defeating the Harvester.


Roush Biotech, a company involved with the events surrounding Red Falls, recovered the body and sent it toward Roush Biotechnologys. Scully found X-Rays and later its body at Roush headquarters and performed an autopsy on it and the Artifact Fragment.


The Harvester is a in The X-Files: Resist or Serve game and is fought by both Mulder and Scully. The boss is hard to defeat with the Pistol and the Shotgun is useless because one must move dangerously close to the Harvester, who uses telekinetic powers to choke Mulder and Scully. To make matters worse, he revives the Katlyn Clones and again if you kill them a third time. You must defeat the Harvester to prevent him from reviving the girls again and again. If you acquired the M4 Carbine, the Harvester is a pushover, just shoot from afar. A little more than one full clip will kill him, allowing you to kill the Katlyn Clones for good.


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