Dr. Hasslip

Doctor Hasslip was an important scientist at the Boulle Behavioral Laboratory in Richmond, Massachusetts. He was attempting to make super intelligent animals for the United States government. The end goal being to use these animals as spies against US enemies. Their current progress was work on chimpanzees as a first step for making super intelligent animals before moving onto other more useful animals in spy work.

While most of the scientists at the lab seemed to believe their research had made little progress or was futile, Hasslip realized that one of their test subjects, Peanuts, was their first super intelligent animal. In fact, Peanuts and Dr. Hasslip seemed to be at war with each other. Peanuts pretending to be stupid to make Hasslip look like an idiot when he tried to show the other scientists that Peanuts was smart. Peanuts changing the letters on the board to read "Doctor Asslips." While Dr. Hasslip had Lady Bonkers removed from the facility because she was a distraction to Peanuts.

When Peanuts escaped with the aid of the Lone Gunmen, Dr. Hasslip participated in the interrogation of Jimmy Bond. Hasslip decided to take custody of Bond and showed him the facility to demonstrate how well the lab treated their chimpanzees. As he showed Bond around, he learned from him that Peanuts had contacted them for help, confirming his belief that Peanuts was what they had been trying to make for years with medical

Doctor Hasslip teaching the chimpanzees the English language.

treatments to animal brains. Since Bond refused to reveal where Peanuts was, despite Hasslip's attempts to emphasize the chimp's importance to the USA, Hasslip began rely on Sergeant Benjamin and the MPs who were tracking down the Lone Gunmen.

In the end when Melvin Frohike and Yves Adele Harlow tried to trade what Hasslip thought wasn't Peanuts, Jimmy Bond lied and told him Peanuts was at the Washington DC zoo. Hasslip went to the zoo and was convinced by Jimmy that Bobo was Peanuts so he and the MPs took the chimpanzee away. He allowed the Lone Gunmen to go free as long as they never stepped foot upon the lab's grounds ever again. "If they ever again set foot on Lab property, you may shoot them, with my hearty encouragement. Otherwise, they're free to go."

(The Lone Gunmen : Planet of the Frohikes)

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