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Hector's Garage is a garage owned by Hector, stepfather of Katlyn and Mandy Winslow. Hector's Garage is connected to Holly's Gas Station, with Holly's providing gas, while Hector fixes cars. To access Hector's Garage, Scully needs Hector's Garage Key, Mulder however can't obtain this key in the game. Under a broken car is Hector, which can be lifted up by the lifter located in the garage. Hector is however not himself, for he has become a zombie, a very strong at that too. Scully will have to kill Hector, who is Scully's first boss in the game. Scully must time it and drop the car on Hector three times to kill him by using the lifter. After the Hector Zombie is killed, Scully can pick up some Magnum Ammo from him, as well as open a metel shelf that was locked until Scully drops the car on Hector the third time. This metal shelf contains Cigar Box, which when examined reveal's the Shop Easy Key. Hector's Garage was blasted off the face of the Earth after the U.S. Government razed Red Falls to prevent the spread of zombies throughout the country.


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