Herman Pinchbeck (played by Ricky Jay) was the brother of Albert Pinchbeck and known by his stage name as The Amazing Maleeni. Herman and Albert used to perform magic together, but Albert quit to work at a Cradock Marine bank, leaving Herman on his own. In 2000, Albert died of a coronary. Pinchbeck and his protege, Billy LaBonge, developed an elaborate scheme involving a fantastic magic trick leading to a massive bank robbery. LaBonge heckled Pinchbeck, who was then able to rotate his head 360 degrees around his neck. However, the head trick was performed using Albert's body, prompting an investigation by Mulder and Scully.

The discovered a very elaborate plan by Pinchbeck and LaBonge to rob the Cradock Marine bank of $1.8 million and simultaneously frame Cissy Alvarez, whom LaBonge had spent prison time with in 1992. The plan succeeded. Although Mulder and Scully were well aware that the two magicians were guilty of the robbery, there was zero evidence available to charge them with anything. (TXF: "The Amazing Maleeni")

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