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I am Gary Bristow, actor that played the role of Howard Salt. It was a great shoot. We shot in three different locations for the begging scene when I jumped the White House Fence. First shot was a house in Burbank CA. That resembled the white house. They brought in sod to fill the driveway and a fountain to look like the white house lawn. Also a 8 foot fence. The second shoot was me jumping the fence and with a shoot of my face heading toward the White house. This was shot in down town LA a the collage. Where the fence and street in the back-round looked like the one by the real white house. The next day of shooting we did at the studios, with the 8 ft fence and me climbing over it with a shot over my shoulders of the White house on a green screen. Here I lay on the floor of the grass in the studio where you see a close up of me getting shots as my guy accidentally misfires. Take a look at more of my work. Thanks for watching.

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