Izzy Berkowitz (played by Stewart Gale) was the son of Shaineh Berkowitz and creator the a comic book called The Great Mutato, based on The Great Mutato. Izzy was the result of Shaineh's first encounter with Mutato, although he does not suffer any genetic defects. He once went to a comic book convention with his friend Booger. After his mother's bizarre pregnancy, he led Mulder and Scully to The Great Mutato, who was scared off when they approached. He also got in trouble after recording a conversation between the agents that suggested the town may appear on The Jerry Springer Show, which won the hearts of the townspeople - many of whom were avid fans of the show. Berkowitz recorded a second conversation suggesting that the "monster" was a hoax and that the town would not appear on the show, earning Mulder much grief and dirty looks. Berkowitz got in trouble yet again after getting caught with a mask based on The Great Mutato he intended to use to promote his comic book. When Dr. Francis Pollidori led a mob to kill The Great Mutato, Berkowitz joined in. However, he was the first to lend voice to everyone's realization that The Great Mutato was not a monster at all, but rather a very sad story indeed. (TXF: "The Post-Modern Prometheus")

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