J.J.'s Diner was the local diner in the town of Red Falls, Colorado.

Mulder and Scully arrived outside the diner to investigate the unsolved murders going on in Red Falls. While Mulder went inside to get some info from the staff and make a phone call the diner, the Waitress became a zombie and knocked over the Jukebox, blocking the front entrance of the diner to prevent Mulder from get out. Mulder shot and killed the zombified Waitress and the zombified cook known as Roscoe.

J.J.'s Diner is a typical country diner, looking a bit like a run down 50's diner. This is where Mulder starts The X-Files: Resist or Serve game. The front door is unlocked, but if Mulder attempts to use it, Scully will tell him to go back in side. Scully will be locked out from the diner during the entire game, as only Mulder can enter or return here. When the Waitress knocks over the Jukebox, Mulder can no longer make contact with Scully. The back door is locked, but if he kills the zombified Roscoe cook, he can obtain the Roscoe's Keys, which unlock the back door to leave the diner.


  • J.J.'s Diner was voted the 1# Country Diner by the Red Falls Gazeta.


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