Jeep Cherokee

A Jeep Cherokee seen in 1992.

A Jeep Cherokee is a model of car.

In 1992, Doctor Jay Nemman drove a brown Jeep Cherokee to a cemetery in Northwest Oregon. The car had an Oregon license plate, IEC1K8. Doctor Nemman had just returned from a recent holiday with his family and his daughter, Theresa, was in the vehicle with him. Although the passengers left the car, they soon returned and Doctor Nemman drove away from the site. (TXF: "Pilot")

It remains unclear whether Dr. Nemman actually owned the car, or if it was a rental. It is also unclear whether he and his family took the car on holiday with them.

Frank Black owned a red Jeep Cherokee. (MM)

In the Season 6 episodes Dreamland and Dreamland II the Groom Lake personnel drove white Jeep Cherokees.


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