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A 'young' John Barnett exacts his revenge.

John Barnett was a notorius bank robber apprehended by the FBI in an operation involving Fox Mulder under the supervision of Reggie Purdue.

John Barnett was a remorseless killer, he used his own accomplice as a hostage. He has a salamander hand and pupiless blue eyes.

Officially, he died of a heart attack in prison in 1989 and his death certificate was written and signed by Dr. Joe Ridley. However, before Barnett’s release, Doctor Ridley found a way to reverse the aging process - using Barnett as his test subject. Mulder and Scully rush to catch the now-unrecognisable youthful Barnett before he carries out his threat to kill all of Mulder’s loved ones. John Barnett was gunned down by Mulder in 1994. (TXF: "Young at Heart")

John Barnett (young) was portrayed by Alan Boyce
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