John Gillnitz, Writer-Producer incarnation.

John Gillnitz was the writer-producer of the "Cap'n Toby Show." He had made many drastic changes to the show and pursued syndication overseas in Europe and in mainland China.

Involvement with the Lone Gunmen Edit

When Richard Langly and John Byers went to investigate the murders of two stage hands on the same show, John Gillnitz was very willing to discuss the show as he bragged about how he had vastly improved it. He gave them personnel files of the murdered men only questioning what the story they were writing would focus on not why he would turn over confidential personnel files.

He continued to be accommodating to the Lone Gunmen during their investigation. They wondered briefly if he might not be a spy given his push for syndication in China.

He reported the "magic porthole" as the information pipeline to the Chinese to Agent Blythe. She promptly murdered him for that.

(TLG: The Cap'n Toby Show)

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