Deputy Keith Wetzel (played by Judson Mills) is a character in the X-Files episode "X-Cops," (Season 7, Episode 12) and is the first character who's attack by the "fear creature" is captured on camera. The creature appears to him as "the Wasp Man," which was a creature of nightmare that his older brother would scare him with during his childhood. He is attacked a two times during the episode, and encounters the creature a total of three times: once in his squad car at the beginning of the episode, in passing in the attack of Chantara Gomez, and attacked again in a locked room inside a dingy house at the end of the episode. "The Wasp Man" leaves him with a series of stinger-like wounds all over his body during the attacks. He survives the last attack due to the rising of the sun, or more importantly, the setting of the full moon, which apparently renders the creature harmless or dormant.

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