Kurt Frey (played by Michael McGrady) was the sheriff in Squamash, Pennsylvania. He was aware of the existence of a Soul Eater that could cure people of sickness. When John Doggett and Walter Skinner were investigating the disappearance of Fox Mulder and found their way to Squamash, Frey was unhelpful as he wished not to reveal the creature's existence. However, the agents were not to be fooled and eventually figured out what was going on. Frey and Paul Hangemuhl led a mob of townspeople to kidnap the creature from a woman who took care of it so that it could cure Marie Hangemuhl of a kidney disease. They succeeded and Mary was cured. However, the creature continued to suffer. Doggett took it upon himself to rescue the creature, but was literally shot dead by Frey. The creature escaped Frey's captivity and brought Doggett back to life at the expense of its own. Whether Frey faced criminal charges afterward is unknown. (TXF: "The Gift")

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