Leonard Vance Miracle Man
Leonard Vance (played by Dennis Lipscomb) was a resident of Kenwood, Tennessee who had died in a fire and been resurrected by the faith healing ministry of  young Samuel Hartley, the adopted son of Pentecostal pastor Calvin Hartley. Gravely disfigured in the fire, Vance wore black sunglasses, a large hat and clothes that covered his whole body. He became a partner to the Hartleys' miracle ministry, sharing his testimony to stimulate the faith of the attendance. All seemed to show he was a great supporter of the ministry, but he was secretly bitter about his disfigurement and felt he had only been brought back for a life of misery. When sick attendees hoping to find healing began to die at Samuel's hand, the FBI was sent to investigate. Leonard Vance tried to prevent the victims' bodies from being autopsied for religious reasons. It was later determined Leonard Vance had murdered the victims with poisoned fruit juice in order to destroy the Hartleys' ministry. Vance committed suicide by poisoning shortly after.


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