Leslie Stokes

Leslie Stokes (played by Will Sasso) was a Missouri resident and handicapped after an incident involving "mailbox baseball." He was the brother of Anson Stokes who discovered a Jinni that promised him three wishes. After two lousy wishes Stokes wished to be able to turn invisible, but was struck and killed by a truck while crossing the street.

His brother's body was recovered by the police and Mulder and Scully were brought back to investigate. Leslie then came into possession of the Jinni. His first wish was bring his brother back to life. Much to the despair of Scully, Stokes' brother vanished from the morgue and returned to the Stokes' trailer. However, Anson appeared as a decaying corpse replete with wound from being hit by the truck and unable to speak. Leslie's second wish was for Anson to speak, which he could only do by shrieking at the top of his lungs. Eventually, Anson was able to articulate words, demanding to know what Leslie had done. Leslie was perturbed that Anson was not more grateful at being resurrected. While Leslie contemplated his third and final wish - finally realizing he could wish for the ability to walk - Anson lit a match in their gas oven, blowing up the trailer and killing both brothers. (TXF: "Je Souhaite")