Louis Frish

Sergeant Louis Frisch (played by Tom O'Brien) was an air traffic controller from the U.S Air Force who was on duty during the crash of Flight 549 in the two-part episode Tempus Fugit and Max.

Involvement in the crash of Flight 549Edit

Sergeant Frisch was visited at the air base by agents Mulder and Scully who came to collect information about the military’s involvement in Flight 549’s crash. Sergeant Frisch and his colleague Sergeant Armando Gonzalez were told to lie about what they had seen and Frisch did, but Gonzalez was very uncomfortable about it and wanted to tell the truth. He was later found shot in the air control tower by Frisch who fled the scene and joined Mulder and Scully to tell them what had happened. Understanding that his life was in danger, Agent Scully brought the man with her to Washington D.C., but they were found at a pub by Man in Black Scott Garrett who attempted to kill Frisch but missed and shot Agent Pendrell who soon died from his wounds.

Military ArrestEdit

Although unharmed during the attempt on his life, Assistant Director Skinner informed Agent Scully that Frisch would be placed under military arrest and that this order came out through the office of the Joints Chiefs of Staff. Frisch's later whereabouts remain unknown.

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