Martin Wells

Martin Wells (played by Joe Morton) was a lawyer and friend of John Doggett who experienced a bizarre time travel incident in 2000. He awoke one morning to discover himself in jail and being transferred to another facility when he was suddenly shot dead by Al Cawdry. However, he woke up the next day, which was actually the previous day. As time progressed forward for him, it progressed backward for everyone else - even though everyone else was experiencing time normally. This made it very difficult for him to speak with Agents Doggett and Scully and his attorney, Janet Wilson, about his case. The reason he was in jail was for the murder of his wife, Vicky Wells. As Wells continued to progress backward through time, he learned that the murderer was actually Cesar Ocampo, who slashed Wells' face while also in the lockup. Wells eventually awoke the day before he went to jail and was able to apprehend Ocumpo with Doggett's assistance. Ocumpo explained that he was seeking revenge for Wells' incarceration of his brother, Hector Ocampo, who had recently committed suicide in prison. Wells was guilty of suppression of evidence that led to Ocumpo's imprisonment. The next day, Wells awoke again and was able to save his wife's life but was nearly killed by Ocumpo - who had come to his apartment to kill Vicky. As Ocumpo was about to kill Wells instead of his wife, Scully and Doggett arrived, who shot Ocumpo dead. Wells recognized that he had been given a bizarre second chance to change events and save his wife, but it was his own actions that endangered her in the first place. Having confessed to Doggett in order to secure his help, Wells was sent to prison for suppressing evidence, a result he fully accepted. (TXF: "Redrum")

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