Marty Glenn (played by Lili Taylor) is a blind woman who possesses inexplicable knowledge of a serial murderer's actions. Due to unexplained appearances at the crime scenes and her own confessions, she was held in police custody. It is revealed that the killer is her father and his first victim was Marty's mother, who was killed while still pregnant with Marty. Though the doctors managed to save her the blood loss caused her to be come blind. Ever since, a connection was formed between Marty and her father, and she has had visions of her father's actions through his eyes. she initially tries to take the blame for him be cause she didn't want him to go back to jail because the link mad it like she was in jail but soon realize she cant just let him run free because he won't stop killing. Marty tricks Mulder and Scully into staking out a bar to wait for her father, knowing he will instead come to her apartment seeking her out. She knocks out the detective guarding her and kills her father, freeing herself of his visions. Although she was free, she was tried with the murder of her father. When asked by Mulder if she wanted him to speak with the judge about the situation, she declined. (TXF: "Mind's Eye")