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Med-evac chopper

A med-evac chopper in 1998

A med-evac chopper is a type of helicopter used by the Syndicate.

In 1998, a med-evac chopper transported a bubble litter, five paramedics, each wearing haz-mat suits, and Doctor Ben Bronschweig to the proximity of a cave in Blackwood County, Northern Texas. Once the paramedics offloaded the bubble litter from the med-evac chopper and boarded the helicopter again, with the bubble litter containing a young boy infected with an alien virus, the med-evac chopper took flight once more, headed toward Dallas, as Dr. Bronschweig stayed behind and several unmarked Freightliner trucks arrived in the area. (The X-Files Movie)

This type of helicopter is not named on-screen but is twice referred to as a "med-evac chopper" in the film's script.

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