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  • Well, they didn't bother to reply to my talk about characters so let's just go with my suggestions. 

    First off, the founder who was banned for being abusive to other contributors, shouldn't have just had it listed in that boring of a set-up.  Just a heading with bullet points beneath.  Why even have the headings?  Why have them in a boring looking column?  Why have that much blank space around all of this in that box? 

    No point in separating out the characters, just list them and list the big characters first.  However it looks best to you.  Probably more like a bunch of rows.  With the character name under or over or not there and only appears when the cursor hovers them.  Whatever you think makes it look the best visually.  So below when I list them as important characters and secondary characters that isn't to make new headings but just so you know which should be in the top row. 

    Lone Gunmen:

    It was only on a season so it is as listed there.  I wouldn't really count anyone else as a main character or recurring character except perhaps Morris Fletcher since he appeared in their final episode and the X-Files episode that ended the series. 

    It is kind of weird that their full names are listed on the links given in the X-Files and their spinoff they just used their last names most of the time.  Maybe just have it listed like:  Byers, Frohike, Langly, Jimmy, and Yves Adele Harlow.  If they click and go to a character page with the full name, then they know the full name there. 


    Important characters:  Frank Black, Catherine Black, Jordan Black (could drop Black off all the names if you wanted like with above), Emma Hollis, Peter Watts, Lara Means and Bob Bletcher. 

    Secondary characters:  The Old Man, Bob Geibelhouse, Andy McClaren, Lucy Butler, & Barry Baldwin.

    A few of these do not have pages or don't have pictures at the moment since that part of the site is incomplete.  By the time you see this post, I will have added their pictures and pages so you have something for the main page. 


    Important characters:  Fox Mulder, Dana Scully, Walter Skinner, the Cigarette Smoking Man, John Doggett, & Monica Reyes.

    Secondary characters:  Alex Krycek, Margaret Scully, Alvin Kersh, (drop Samantha Mulder), Mr. X, Deepthroat, Marita Covarrubias, & Jeffrey Spender. 

    There are tons of other secondary characters that could be included if you want it to be an overwhelming photo wall whenever people start up this page.  Give them a nostalgia-gasm.  But those are the key ones.  If you want that though so the page is MUCH more visual, I can give you more.

    Anyway, off to add pages and pictures so you can put Millennium stuff up. 

    Oh, one more thing:  Obviously the Lone Gunmen have their own spinoff and they are listed there BUT they were main characters on the X-Files for years.  I'm not saying list all three up there but maybe a group photo of the 3 of them that links to the Lone Gunmen character page.  Just list them as the Lone Gunmen.  What do you think on that one?

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    • I say have a mythology subsection which lists syndicate, aliens, blackoil, supersoilders etc. and the other subsection I say maybe for chronology/timeline or something for merchadise  like dvds, comics, video games etc.

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    • You could have a category "New X-Files."  Though that could be under the X-Files. 

      I have wondered if other series shouldn't be added to this page some day though too.  Ten-Thirteen's series that involved Terry O'Quinn as the villain with guest appearances by Lance Henrikson & Gillian Anderson. 

      Strange Luck possibly too just because they alluded to a connection to Fox Mulder at one point in the series. 

      Though really the one I've thought most needed to be added to this page is the X-Files' parent:  Kolchak: The Night Stalker.  Kolchak was a 1974-1975 television series that was on for one season (& there a few tv movies of it too) about reporter Carl Kolchak who did whatever he had to in the pursuit of the truth when he encountered the supernatural.  He was at times slimy but admirable because of his determination.  Chris Carter watched this show as a kid and wanted the X-Files to be like Kolchak.  The lighting, the supernatural investigation, the diverse types of supernatural occurrences ranging from aliens to Rakshasa, a wise cracking main character, constantly being hampered by the authorities, and a myriad of other traits are very similar or the same.  Chris Carter went so far as to include Darren McGavin (who played Kolchak) as Agent Arthur Dales, the original X-Files investigator in the 1950s. 

      Although I doubt adding Harsh Realm and Strange Luck, I do think we should have a Kolchak section and in the long run we'll set it all up.  (Ignore the remake, it was shit.  Suddenly Kolchak had to have a wife who was murdered by some supernatural entity.  And he had to be a handsome man in his late 20s or early 30s with an obvious love interest female lead)

      Maybe 4 sections.  TV Movies:  The Night Stalker (1972)  & The Night Strangler (1973)  Characters:  Carl Kolchak, Tony Vincenzo, Ron Updyke, Emily Cowles, & Monique Marmelstein.  Kolchak episodes:  Season 1   DVDs:  Kolchak: The Night Stalker  &  The Night Stalker/The Night Strangler (double feature) 

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  • You seem to be listed as staff so I probably don't have to give you admin rights but I think I granted them.  It looked like I granted it nonetheless.  Just tell me if you can.

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