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Michelle Wilkes (played by Jennifer Clement) was a Pittsburgh EMT who drove an ambulance and worked with Leonard Betts. While driving to the hospital one night, her ambulance was struck by a truck. Wilkes was okay except for some cuts and bruises, but Betts had been completely decapitated. Wilkes made the arrangements for his body herself because, as she told Mulder, he had no real friends and no living family. During another run, she overheard a radio conversation and believed one of the EMTs to be Betts. Astonished, she sought him out at another hospital, where he was working as an EMT under a different name. She could harly believe he was alive, and he embraced her. However, he apologized that she found out his secret and he killed her with a lethal injection of electrolytes. (TXF: "Leonard Betts")

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