Special Agent Kyd[1] Miller is an FBI agent that is partnered with Special Agent Einstein. Miller, like Fox Mulder is open to believing in the paranormal and unexplained.

History Edit

Miller approaches Mulder for advice on how to communicate with a nearly dead terrorist. Leaving empty handed, Miller is contacted by Scully who meets him in Texas with an idea on how to use brainwaves and Yes/No questions to learn where the terror cell is located. (TXF: "Babylon")

Miller was one of many people exposed to a virus which began breaking down the immune system, as part of a plot by former government official the Cigarette Smoking Man (a long term enemy of Agents Mulder and Scully). Miller tracked down a missing Mulder's location to the Smoking Man's safehouse, where Mulder himself was rapidly declining in health. Miller saves Mulder from the Smoking Man, with the latter informing them there was nothing more to be done. Miller took Mulder away and reunited him with Scully on a bridge, only for a UFO to hover over the three of them. (TXF: "My Struggle II")



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