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Mr. Milsap (played by Lawrence Pressman) was a member of a cult in Utah that worshiped a parasite as the second coming of Jesus Christ. In 2000, Dana Scully investigated a murder that took place near their township and found her way into town. However, she was given water in her gas tank and there was no telephone service so she was forced to spend the night in Milsap's home. She tried to treat Hank Gulatarski, who was being used as a host for the parasite. However, Scully realized that she was dealing with a cult and tried to find a way for her and Gulatarski to escape. Gulatarski eventually gave in to the cultists and was stoned to death so that Scully could be given the parasite. If not for the timely appearance of John Doggett, Scully likely would have suffered the same fate. After removing the parasite from Scully's back, Doggett shot it dead, much to the horror of the worshipers. (TXF: "Roadrunners")

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