Mind control refers to various practices to maintain control over a person's thoughts, decisions, emotions, or behavior. Various studies into subliminal messages have shown a correlation to mind control. (TXF: "Wetwired")

Artificial Mind ControlEdit

In the 1950s, the CIA held mind control experiments dubbed "MK-Ultra." (TXF: "José Chung's From Outer Space", "Via Negativa")

In 1952, Roy Cohn was reported to have warned Americans that "communist mind control" can strike anywhere, at any time. (TXF: "Travelers")

In 1989, Detective John Munch mocked the idea of mind control by suggesting that the future Lone Gunmen should wear aluminum foil hats to protect themselves from the government's "mind control rays". (TXF: "Unusual Suspects")

In 1996, tachistoscophic images broadcast over various television channels at the 2400 Court Motel were believed by the Lone Gunmen to be an attempt at mind control. (TXF: "Wetwired")

In 1998, Morris Fletcher stated that his job involved more paperwork than "voodoo mind control". (TXF: "Dreamland II")

Anoitic histamine, created by Susanne Modeski, heightened suggestibility, and could be used for mind control. (TXF: "Three of a Kind")

In 2000, an issue of The Lone Gunman featured an article that equated the Teletubbies with mind control. (TLG: "Pilot")

Natural Mind controlEdit

Robert Patrick Modell developed a brain tumor that allowed him to use suggestion to control people's behavior and even their pain impulses, in one case convincing a detective that he was having a fatal heart attack (TXF: "Pusher")

Modell's sister, Linda Bowman, also demonstrated this ability and attempted to use it to seek revenge for the fatal shooting of her brother by making FBI Special Agent Fox Mulder kill his partner, Special Agent Dana Scully. (TXF: "Kitsunegari")

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