Mr Memory on stage

Mr. Memory performs on stage at Club Tamarind.

Mr. Memory was a night club performer who could answer any question asked, due to his prodigious memory. He became vaguely involved in an investigation which the Lone Gunmen conducted into the death of Jeff Strode.

Involvement with the Lone GunmenEdit

Mr. Memory was performing at Club Tamarind one night, when Jeff Strode was murdered in the club's bathroom. When the Lone Gunmen, Jimmy Bond and Carol Strode, sister of Jeff Strode, showed up at Club Tamarind to investigate Jeff's murder, they encountered Mr. Memory in the bathroom where the crime had taken place. Jimmy Bond excitedly recognized Mr. Memory and mentioned a show he had attended, years ago. Mr. Memory likewise recalled Jimmy Bond and, while washing his hands, recited Jimmy's questions back at him, with perfect accuracy.

Jimmy Bond couldn't help but notice that Mr. Memory was wearing the same glasses as Jeff Strode from a recent picture. When Jimmy asked Mr. Memory where he had acquired the glasses, Mr. Memory claimed he couldn't recall where. Pressed, he admitted he had found them on the floor of the bathroom behind the toilet. Melvin Frohike removed them from Mr. Memory's face and noticed there was some wiring coming out of them. This important clue lead the investigators down a path to learning what Jeff Strode had done for a living. (TLG: "The Lying Game")

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