Mustachioed Officer and Richard Langly trade words.

The Mustachioed Officer drops off Richard Langly and Melvin Frohike after their arrest during their hijack of the news reporter's signal. 

Involvement with the Lone GunmenEdit

He dropped off Frohike and Langly.  He got into quite a little fight with Langly as he called Langly a woman for his long hair.  Although Langly tried to get in a really vicious reply after leading with a mustache comment but Frohike interrupted him before he said something that could get him back in the slammer. 

The officer said the difference between them was that he had a gun. 

(The Lone GunmenThree Men and a Smoking Diaper)


Played by Mitchell Kosterman.  He was a frequently used actor in Chris Carter series, such as Millennium and X-Files. 

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