Mulder wearing Knicks shirt

Fox Mulder in 1999, wearing a Knicks shirt. (TXF: "Two Fathers")

Mulder and Samantha, 1973

Fox Mulder in 1973, wearing a Knicks jersey. (TXF: "Little Green Men")

The New York Knicks is a basketball team based in New York. Fox Mulder is a fan of the team. (TXF: "Home")


In 1973, Mulder was wearing a Knicks jersey at his home when his sister Samantha was abducted. (TXF: "Little Green Men")

In 1996, while investigating a case in Pennsylvania, Fox Mulder expressed dismay that the television in his lodging had difficulty broadcasting one of the Knicks' games. (TXF: "Home")

In 1999, Fox Mulder wore a Knicks shirt while playing a game of basketball. (TXF: "Two Fathers")


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