Cabin North Hatley Quebec CSM

The Cigarette-Smoking Man's cabin in North Hatley, Québec.

North Hatley is a village of about 750 inhabitants in the Eastern Townships, the south-east part of Québec (Canada).

In October 1997, the CSM investigated Fox Mulder's apparent death. Despite the fact that the Syndicate believed Mulder to be dead, the CSM had his doubts. He was infuriated when he thought the Syndicate had sent someone else to keep Mulder in check. He later discovered that Mulder was in fact alive, and allowed him to retrieve the cure for Scully's cancer. (TXF: "Redux")

Shortly afterwards, the CSM reported to the Syndicate about Mulder still being alive. He claimed that he had allowed Mulder to escape with Scully's cure in order to insure Mulder's loyalty. Perhaps in response to this breach of security, the First Elder sent an assassin who shot the CSM in his apartment. (TXF: "Redux II")

After the shooting, the CSM left the United States and retired to a cabin in North Hatley, Québec, Canada. (TXF: "The Red and the Black")

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