"Ooh La La" was a song performed by Deborah Poppink, released in or before 2008.

One night of that year, FBI Agent Monica Bannan played the song as she drove her car, 307 MD, down a snowy, narrow road and parked in the garage of her house in Somerset, West Virginia, shortly before she was abducted from her residence by two men, Janke Dacyshyn and Franz Tomczeszyn. (The X-Files: I Want to Believe)

"Ooh La La" was the second musical composition by Deborah Poppink to be featured in The X-Files, the first having been the song "Hit Girl" in the Season 9 episode "Release".
Deborah got the idea for the hook of the song as she was walking on the beach with her little girls:  "I love my baby, my baby loves me". She is now devoting much of her musical passion to making songs for kids with her pop-cabaret project for children,DIDI POP

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