Owen Lee Jarvis once worked for the Kryder family doing yard work. Jarvis believed himself to be Kevin Kryder's guardian angel.

To fulfill this role, he kidnapped Kevin from a shelter home for children. He took Kevin to his house and kept him there until Mulder and Scully arrived. They found Jarvis, but the boy disappeared - literally. Jarvis insisted that he wasn't the one who wanted to hurt Kevin, rather, he was chosen by God to protect him. He escaped by leaping from a second-story window, breaking his handcuffs and running away before Mulder could catch him.

He then went to Kevin's house where Kevin was about to be attacked by Simon "Millenium Man" Gates. He struggled with Gates which allowed Kevin to escape, but he was then strangled and killed by Gates.

Scully performed an autopsy on Jarvis' body and found that even hours after his death, the normal decomposition process hadn't begun. His core body temperature was still 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, his skin was still pink, there was no rigor mortis and his had a sweet smell. Scully told Mulder that she thought he may be an incorruptible like some of the saints she learned about in catechism.

Scully found a burned-in fingerprint on Jarvis' neck that identified Gates as the one who killed him. (TXF: Revelations)

Owen Lee Jarvis was played by Michael Berryman.

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