Patrick Newirth

Newirth seconds before his death.

Patrick Newirth was a businessman in Richmond, Virginia attending a conference and staying at the Hotel George Mason in Room 606. A disturbed and terrified man, Dr. Chester Ray Banton, arrived and began frantically banging on the door of Newirth's neighbor across the hall, a Dr. Morris West, demanding to speak to him. When West didn't answer, Banton became increasingly more panicked and frantic.

Concerned and a little curious, Newirth went to his door and peered at Banton through the peephole as he pounded on West's door. As an exasperated Banton gave up and took a step backwards, the light case from a light fixture on the wall beside Morris West's door caused Banton's shadow to fall over, and under, Newirth's door.

The moment the shadow touched Newirth's feet he screamed as he was consumed and disintegrated by the dark matter contained within the scientist's shadow, leaving nothing but a scorch mark on the carpet. Hearing Newirth's cry and turning, Banton saw the flash of light underneath the door. Realizing his shadow had claimed another victim, the distraught scientist fled the scene.


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