Ranger Peter Brullet

Peter Brullet was a park ranger in New Jersey who had many years of experience with the woods bordering Atlantic City. 

Aiding Mulder & ScullyEdit

Ranger Peter Brullet had 32 years of service with the park rangers when he met Agent Fox Mulder and began to help him with the Jersey Devil case.  In this first meeting with Mulder out in the woods, he recounted finding the body of the homeless man.  Mulder asked Brullet if many homeless people went out there and Brullet replied that the homeless avoid the woods out of fear of the Jersey Devil.  He went on to explain that he believed in the Jersey Devil since he had seen strange things in the span of over three decades of being a park ranger.  He had seen a naked man who sniffed around like an animal and that the man caught a whiff of Brullet and went running.  He found deer bones sharpened into tools, a half eaten rabbit with a Human tooth, and Human scat half buried like a cat's.  Though Brullet didn't want to mention this on the record because he feared endangering his pension. 

Mulder asked Brullet to contact him with any further developments.  He would call Mulder about the discovery of the corpse of the naked man that Brullet had seen in the past.  He told Mulder that the man was missing the same tooth that Brullet had found in the rabbit and that he had been dead for six to eight months. 

Brullet was there with Mulder, Dana Scully, and Dr. Diamond when they discovered the body of the naked man had disappeared as part of the covering up of the Jersey Devil.  After this, Brullet accompanied Mulder, Scully, and Dr. Diamond on their attempt to capture the female Jersey Devil.  The ranger would manage to shoot the female Jersey Devil with a tranquilizer dart but this was not soon enough.  Detective Thomas Tomson and his SWAT team would manage to catch up with her before the dart knocked her out.  They killed her when she attacked one of the SWAT team members. 

(TXF: The Jersey Devil)

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