Wilson Pinker Rawls (played by John Diehl), also known as Pinker and Pinkie was a convicted criminal who had the ability to pass through solid matter that could conduct electricity. He once had a relationship with June Gurwitch and fathered a child with her named Trevor. However, Trevor was born after Pinker was convicted and sent to prison.

While at the prison yard, Pinker and Bo Merkle were assigned to put boards up before a tornado arrived. Merkle annoyed Pinker, who then nailed his hand to the wall. As punishment, Pinker was locked in a tiny compartment called "the box" for the duration of the storm. However, he was able to escape and kill the warden. Mulder and Scully were brought in to investigate the warden's mysterious death, which resembled spontaneous human combustion. The agents were able to pursue Pinker by following a series of similar deaths.

They ultimately discovered his relationship with June and his desire to meet their son, who was living with June's sister, Jackie Gurwitch. Pinker eventually made his way to his son, but the agents found him. Mulder attempted to slow down Pinker with a shotgun full of non-conducting rubber shot. Before Pinker could be detained, he was struck by a car being driven by June, whose windshield sliced Pinker clear in half. (TXF: "Trevor")

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