Polly Turner

Polly Turner.

Polly Turner was the daughter of Melissa and Rich Turner. She cherished the talismanic doll Chinga.


Polly was given Chinga from her father, who had found it while lobstering off the coast of Maine. She was unaware the doll had a connection with witchcraft, however, and it used Polly to enforce her will upon anyone.

Chinga's PossessionsEdit

Polly Turner Demanding Cherries

Polly demanding more cherries.

Polly and her mother went to a supermarket to get some supplies for themselves as they settled down. Polly told her mother she did not like the supermarket and demanded that they quickly return home. With her mother resisting Polly's demands, Chinga opened her eyes and said, "Let's have fun." Soon after, the people in the supermarket were soon terrorized and they started to claw their own eyes out. Due to the horrific events, Polly's mother, Melissa, took Polly and they escaped the supermarket.

To calm themselves down after the event in the supermarket, Polly and her mother went to an ice cream parlor. While Melissa was talking to Deputy Buddy Riggs, Polly went to the counter and demanded an employee for more cherries with her ice cream. After the employee declined her offer, Chinga's eyes opened once again and with its powers, made the employee have her hair stuck into the ice cream maker and pulled her hair tightly, causing her to bleed from her head. During the incident at the parlor, Melissa took Polly and they left the scene once again.

Polly Turner and Dana Scully

Dana Scully trying to break Polly from Chinga's possession.

While at home, Polly ordered her mother to make her popcorn. Downstairs, Melissa was making the popcorn while staring at Riggs' body and decided to end her daughter's reign of evil torment with her doll. Melissa decided to burn down the house to kill herself and her daughter in order to destroy the doll. Chinga noticed her actions from upstairs and used its powers to have Melissa hit herself in the head with a hammer while Polly watched.

Polly Turner Back to Normal

Polly and Melissa back to normal, after the destruction of Chinga.

FBI Agent Dana Scully and Captain Jack Bonsaint arrived to their home, just in time to allow Scully to convince Polly she was not herself and that the doll was controlling her. Polly lightly came to her senses and Scully took Chinga, apparently destroying the doll in a microwave. Thereafter, Polly was released from its influence, Melissa stopped hitting herself in the head and they were able to live a normal life again. (TXF: "Chinga")

Polly Turner was played by Jenny-Lynn Hutcheson.

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