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The President is the title given to a leader who presides over a group. They are generally assisted by a Vice President.

In January 1961, Kasavuba was President of the Congo. (TXF: "Musings of a Cigarette-Smoking Man")

In February 1999, Gene Gogolak was the President of The Falls at Arcadia Home Owners Association. (TXF: "Arcadia")

Also in 1998, Clear Knight was Vice President of Public Relations in Seattle. (MM: "Owls")

Prior to February 2001, Duffy Haskell was President of the Ohio Mutual UFO Network. (TXF: "Per Manum")

In May 2001, Martin Ortega was the Vice President of Operations for Galpex Petroleum. (TXF: "Vienen")

In early 2002, Hollis Rice was the Vice President of Pan American Mercantile. (TXF: "John Doe")

President of the United StatesEdit

Howard Graves with Presidents

Various US presidents.

The President is the chief of staff and head of government of the United States of America. The position has various powers. Certain personnel within the Executive department make it their business to not be known by the President. (TXF: "Musings of a Cigarette-Smoking Man")

List of US Presidents and Vice PresidentsEdit

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