Frank Druce (played by Peter LaCroix) was a member of the US Military Special Operations Black Bierre and served in Mosul, Iraq during the Gulf War.

He posed as a truck driver to escort a secret cargo for the military. He used the alias "Ranheim" when he was arrested for using a fire-arm on a county road in Tennessee in 1994. His report of strange silhouttes and UFO activity attracted the attentions of FBI Special Agents Mulder and Scully. It appeared to Mulder that the Lexington Police chief had been pressured by a higher authority to release Druce.

Scully later discovered that the truck's weight on the manifest did not match that recorded at three weigh-stations and uncovered Druce's true identity. Mulder hypothesized that Druce was escorting the wreckage and occupant of a UFO that crashed four days prior in Iraq to a laboratory in the United States. Indeed Druce was later seen exiting the Hanford Power Plant where an E.B.E. was allegedly exterminated.

Druce had been treated for the symptoms of Gulf War Syndrome three times in the year leading up to his encounter with Mulder and Scully.


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