Robert Dorland in his office

Robert Dorland

Robert Dorlund was a member of the upper management of HTG Industrial Technologies.  He was selling classified technology to terrorists.

Involvement in the poltergeist inccident

Robert Dorlund had Howard Graves killed to protect the secret of their involvement with terrorists to save their struggling company.  Dorland had his goons make it look like a suicide but Howard Graves came back as a poltergeist.

Whenever Dorlund sent men to kill Lauren Kyte out of the fear that Graves had shared the secret about the terrorists with her, Graves' poltergeist would defend her. 

In the final confrontation, Lauren convinced Graves to find the evidence of Dorlund's wrongdoing rather than kill Dorlund like the others who died on the wrong end of its powers. 

(TXF: Shadows)

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