Robert Wieder

Robert Wieder (played by James Morrison) was a doctor near San Francisco who was married to Nan Wieder and the father of Lucy Wieder. In 2000, he was awarded the Bay Area Physician of the Year Award. Shortly after returning home from the awards ceremony, however, his father-in-law, Irving Thalbro, was found in their home with a slit throat hanging from a noose. Mulder and Scully were called in to investigate when signs of hexcraft were found on the premises. Soon, Wieder's wife was stricken with an intense outbreak but was able to survive long enough to make to a hospital. There, Wieder encountered a strange individual, later identified as Orell Peattie, who told Wieder to remember Lynette Peattie. However, Wieder had no idea what he was talking about.

Peattie returned to the hospital with Mrs. Wieder was scheduled to have an MRI done. Peattie placed a poppet of her inside a microwave, and she was grilled alive inside the MRI machine. Mulder and Scully learned that Lynette Peattie was a Jane Doe handled by Wieder in late 1999. The woman had been a bus accident and was mortally wounded enough that Wieder was forced to administer a lethal dose of morphine. Peattie apparently was seeking revenge by attacking Wieder's own family. Wieder and his daughter were sequestered with Scully to a cabin far from the city with the hope that Peattie would not be able to use his power against them. The agents had learned that Peattie likely used a charm as the source of his power. Mulder was able to find the charm - his daughter's corpse - inside Peattie's apartment, but the skull was missing. Peattie had indeed followed Wieder and Scully.

Peattie made another poppet, this one of Scully, and used to blind her while he entered the cabin and took her gun. He then used a poppet for Wieder to inflict terrible chest pain while his daughter screamed for mercy for her father. Mulder arrived shortly thereafter and found the skull, depriving Peattie of his power and allowing Scully to regain her eyesight. She shot Peattie in the back, saving Wieder's life. (TXF: "Theef)"

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