Roush Biotech Guards are enemies in The X-Files: Resist or Serve that serve as guards for Roush Biotech.


Roush Biotech Guards are basically security guards that protect Roush's facilities.


These enemies are super easy get past by in the game. Byers and Scully are disguised as Roush employees when they enter Roush Biotechnologies. Besides one point in the game, where one asks Scully and Byers for a clearance code (which happens in cutscene) they don't bother you ever again really and just stand guard. Later on, a security does go after someone, who happens to be Scully, but this also occurs during a cutscene. After Scully hides, they give up the search and you then again freely patrol the facilty with them standing guard. They will however arrest, which causes a GAME OVER, if you draw a weapon, flashlight, punch or shoot at them. This of course is easily avoided. Later on in the game, most of the guards were killed by Pyro, as they are now found lying dead all over the place.


  • Besides the Purity enemy not found inside a Human host, these enemies do not attempt to kill Scully. Instead the Roush Biotech Guards will simply arrest Scully, like they do to Byers and Frohike.
  • They enemies to however cause an instant GAME OVER if they find out your not Roush Employees, which is basically almost like they had killed you in game mechanics. This is another thing it has in common with the non-Human possessing Purity enemy, which takes control of Mulder or Scully if it catches them, causing an instant GAME OVER.
  • Mulder never encounters these enemies in the entire game.


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