Ruby Tip dancers' main room

The dancers' main room.

Ruby Tip private booth

Calamity in the Ruby Tip private booth.

The Ruby Tip was a peepshow club in downtown Seattle. Its main door was situated under an arch and just below a fire-escape.

The club had a large room where dancers could perform in front of at least five windows. An observer booth was on the other side of each window, through which each customer could watch the dancers.

A smaller dancers' room, with only one window (in front of which was a purple curtain), was used for dancers giving a private performance. The observer booth adjacent to this room included a video camera. The entrance to this observer booth - a black door bearing the words "Private Booth", next to details of dancers performing (including a photograph of the current dancer and a blackboard list of the dancers scheduled) - was situated in a corridor lined with doors to other booths. The main door of the club was located through this corridor, next to a small reception area where dancers were required to announce their arrival and departure.

The club also included a small changing room including lockers, a telephone and mirrors. The changing room had an entrance for dancers (up a small flight of steps) and another entrance for workers entering from the corridor.

Dances in the club were timed; a typical private dance could be ten minutes in duration but cost as much as $200.

Those who worked in the club included dancers known as Tuesday and Calamity. However, Calamity was murdered in early February, 1996. Following her death, retired FBI agent Frank Black visited the club and entered the private booth, from where he interviewed the dancer known as Tuesday, who showed him the video camera in his booth. (MM: "Pilot")

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