A Scorpion is a type of animal that has eyes and predigests its food outside of its body by regurgitating onto its prey. (TXF: "Teso Dos Bichos", "2Shy")

In 1995, FBI Special Agent Fox Mulder asked his FBI partner, Special Agent Dana Scully, whether there were any natural examples of beings that secreted a digestive substance and would then ingest the fat of each of their victims before the rest of the victim's body had dissolved entirely, as Mulder was theorizing that this method might be being used by Virgil Incanto. Scully informed Mulder that the scorpions' system of predigesting their prey was an example of what he was suggesting but admitted that she did not know many scorpions who, like Incanto, surfed the Internet. (TXF: "2Shy")

In his journals, Doctor Alonso Bilac claimed to have witnessed the mythological Amaru emerge from a jungle with "the eyes of a scorpion". Shortly after he wrote this entry, Scully discovered Bilac's account and read it to Mulder. (TXF: "Teso Dos Bichos")

In an audio commentary for The X-Files Movie DVD, Chris Carter includes scorpions among several examples of stinging animals - others being bees and centipedes - that, in his opinion, are not only frightening to children but also somehow, on a gut level, universally frightening.

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