Shaineh Berkowitz
Shaineh Berkowitz (played by Pattie Tierce) was the mother of Izzy Berkowitz and was impregnated by The Great Mutato.

Conflict with The Great MutatoEdit

She contacted Mulder after hearing about him on the The Jerry Springer Show, which she watched religiously. Shaineh had been impregnated twice by Mutato, the first time resulting in Izzy's birth, eighteen years ago.

He and Scully met her under the impression she had experienced an alien visitation, but were shocked to discover something else entirely. Berkowitz was not disturbed by her unusual experience, but was thrilled at the prospect of appearing on Jerry Springer. When her son was found to possibly be perpetrating several acts in the guise of a "monster," she came to his defense in the middle of town. Throughout the affair involving Francis Pollidori and The Great Mutato, she never seemed to lose her optimism.
Shaineh Berkowitz with her child

Shaineh with her child

She eventually gave birth to The Great Mutato's child, which turned out to be equally disfigured, but she loved him all the same. She even got to appear on Jerry Springer with Elizabeth Pollidori. (TXF: "The Post-Modern Prometheus")

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