Sharon Graffia
Sharon Graffia Tempus Fugit
(played by Chilton Crane) claimed to be the sister of Max Fenig. After the crash of Flight 549, she approached Agents Mulder and Scully as per Fenig's wishes. She presented to them hundreds of letters written by her brother describing his abduction experiences. While in her hotel room, she too was abducted but soon returned in a hysterical state. Following her abduction, she entered a mental institution.

The agents learned that Graffia was not Fenig's sister, but rather their relationship was more romantic in nature. Graffia told Scully how she and Max were working to steal irrefutable proof of alien existence when the plane was shot down. There were three items they had stolen: Max had one, Graffia had one, and the third was at large in a Syracuse airport. Max's item had been retrieved by a UFO immediately prior to the crash of Flight 549 as Graffia's item had been retrieved when she was abducted. Mulder was able to obtain the third and final item, but it too was retrieved in mid-flight by a UFO.

Being Fenig's only other friend, Graffia was given all of his belongings, including a video tape of him explaining his theories that she filmed.

Appearances Edit

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