Snowcat driven by Fox Mulder

A Snowcat driven by Fox Mulder.

Snowcat (rear)

The back of Mulder's Snowcat.

Snowcats meet

A Syndicate Snowcat sits near Mulder's Snowcat.

Snowcat (side)

The side of a Syndicate Snowcat.

A Snowcat is a tracked vehicle used for traversing snowy terrain.

In 1998, several Snowcats were parked near a Syndicate ice station in a desolate, snowy area of Wilkes Land, Antarctica. FBI Special Agent Fox Mulder drove a Snowcat towards this location, having been provided with coordinates to find his kidnapped partner, Special Agent Dana Scully. His Snowcat ran out of fuel, causing the vehicle's engine to sputter and die, so he left the vehicle and headed to a rocky outcropping between the station and his abandoned Snowcat.

Atop the mound, he watched a man enter one of the Snowcats parked outside the station and be transported away from the base. The man who Mulder had seen was the Cigarette Smoking Man, whose vehicle, as Mulder made his way into a UFO buried beneath the station, was driven to a position behind Mulder's now unoccupied Snowcat. The Cigarette Smoking Man was driven back to the station, where he and the rest of the men assigned to the station under his command evacuated the area in the numerous Snowcats parked outside. (The X-Files Movie)

In 2001, Mulder accompanied Special Agents Scully and John Doggett during their visit to a hospitalized Agent Leyla Harrison, who asked Mulder how he had managed to return from Antarctica, reminding him that his Snowcat had run out of gas. Instead of immediately answering the question, Mulder and Scully began to passionately discuss whether the buried craft had been a spaceship, while Doggett left the room. (TXF: "Alone")

This type of vehicle is never named in The X-Files Movie but is referred to as a Snowcat in "Alone".
In a continuity error in The X-Files Movie, a close-up supposedly showing the treads on the Cigarette Smoking Man's Snowcat, moments before the vehicle arrives back at the ice station, are actually the treads on Mulder's Snowcat.
This type of vehicle is similar to a snowplow, as both are specifically designed for traveling across snowy landscapes. Snowplows are featured in both The X-Files: I Want to Believe, the only other movie in The X-Files series, and the Season 9 television episode "Scary Monsters", the only other episode of The X-Files in which Leyla Harrison appears.

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