Fearful Symmetry

Sophie was a female gorilla rescued from poachers in the African rainforest by Willa Ambrose, who brought her to a zoo in Fairfield, Idaho in 1985. Willa trained Sophie in the use of American Sign Language and helped her build up a vocabulary of over 1000 words. When an alien presence began abducting zoo animals in order to harvest embryos via artificial impregnation, Sophie was aware but unable to communicate what was happening. Against Ambrose' wishes, Sophie was to be returned to Africa but did not live long enough to make the journey. After escaping confinement in a warehouse, Sophie travelled back to the zoo when she was killed by a truck on an open roadway. Though Sophie knows over 1000 words she speaks in broken English, which is proven by the fact that during that episode she said "Baby go flying light." to tell Mulder and Scully that her baby was taken by aliens.

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Background Information

  • Sophie was not played by a real gorilla, but by Jodie St. Michael dressed in an ape suit.

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